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Become A Sponsor

You can become a sponsor of the Online Skydiving Logbook by contributing to the service in some form. This contribution may simply be jump tickets, skydiving equipment, computer equipment, or money.

Contributions are needed if this service is to stay free to the whole skydiving community, and any support you can provide to the running of the service (either directly or indirectly) would be very appreciated.

You can make a contribution in many ways:

In exchange for a contribution you will get an advert like the one you clicked to get to this page (an advert is randomly selected for display on every page view), displayed until your sponsorship ends (if your sponsorship is a standing arrangements, for example '5 jump tickets a month') or for a set amount of time based on your sponsorship.

Details required for your advert will be requested on agreement of a sponsorship, and your advert will be placed on the website as soon as the details have been passed onto us.

Telephone: +44 (0)1223 690416

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